How curious it is that the things that seem large to us are actually quite small, while the things that seem small to us are in reality, very large.

I sit outside, restless on a warm summer night. Looking above me, the giant oak trees tower overhead. Beyond them, stars flicker - tiny pinpricks of light on the celestial sphere. Isn't it interesting that comparatively, those massive oaks are tiny if you size them up next to the stars. They would be far less than a mere pinprick. They are laughably small. Aren't our problems the same way when you compare them to God? In our distress and in our suffering, our difficulties and trials often feel like they tower above us, insurmountable in scope, and untameable in brokenness. In the midst of our trial, we can look beyond it, and perceive the twinkling presence of God, and remember His promises of good toward us, and yet He seems so small, and so far away. Be encouraged as you remember that our God is like a star, and when you stack Him up beside the oak trees that are our problems, the comparison is laughable. Trust in God's good will towards you, and remember His awesome scale in comparison to the biggest problems you see today.